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OrbitSim HD brings the wonder of orbital mechanics to your iPad®!

App Summary

OrbitSim HD is an ideal hands-on learning application for high school or university students studying physics, astronomy, or engineering. The app is based on equations from Newtonian physics and Keplerís laws and uses this mathematical foundation to perform orbital calculations and generate realistic animations.

Create circular and elliptical orbits around any planet in our solar system using the intuitive touch interface. Plot orbit transfers, study detailed outputs, and more in this powerful new app.

A classroom lab activity is also available.

In-depth Calculations

Study detailed output data including orbit geometry, orbital period, specific energy, angular momentum, transfer delta-Vs, and more

Use the optional text field input mode for precise input values

Orbiting Objects

Choose from ten objects images to traverse your orbital paths

Degree by Degree Data

Easily view current data at any point along your orbit during animation

Animation Controls

Control the animation of orbiting objects with play, pause, step forward, step backward, and stop

Adjustable Speed

Adjust the time scale and control the animation playback speed

App Screenshots

Additional App Features

  • Experiment with 3 modes of operation (basic 2-body orbit, orbit circularization, and Hohmann transfer)
  • Use touch gestures to design orbits around any of the 8 planets of our solar system, as well as the Sun, Earthís moon, and Pluto
  • Input the apoapsis and periapsis of your orbit in terms of either radius or altitude above the planetary surface
  • Display input and output data in either English or SI units
  • Enable or disable a background grid
  • ** At this time, OrbitSim is only available for the iPad device **

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