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Parameter Definitions

The height above mean sea level (MSL).
[ft or m]
Ambient Pressure
Static pressure of the surrounding atmosphere at a given altitude. Decreases as altitude increases.
[lbs/ft2 or kPa]
Calibrated Airspeed
Airspeed adjusted for pressure-altitude effect. Calibrated Airspeed gradually deviates from True Airspeed as altitude increases. Airspeed is typically measured using a pressure differential device called a pitot tube, and therefore is susceptible to variation at different altitudes.
[knots or m/s]
Ambient density value. Decreases as altitude increases.
[slugs/ft3 or kg/m3]
Dynamic Pressure
The kinetic energy of the surrounding atmosphere, introduced by the movement of an aircraft. Equal to the product of one-half the density and the square of the velocity.
[lbs/ft2 or kPa]
Mach Number
A non-dimensional parameter equal to the velocity divided by the local speed of sound. Named after Ernst Mach.
[no units]
Ambient temperature value. Decreases with altitude through the troposphere, remains constant through the lower stratosphere, and then increases through the remainder of the stratosphere. Additional changes in slope occur at higher altitudes beyond the range of this calculator.
[°R or K]
The rate of change of distance with respect to time. In this calculator, velocity is equivalent to True Airspeed.
[ft/s or m/s]

Version Information

Version 1.1
Released in July 2013